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Are you involved in running a UK based computer services or IT company? Do you want to increase your profits and gain more customers? Want to offer new services but not take on more cost? Wish you could ask someone about that niggling business or technical problem?

The UKCSA was formed in early 2014 out of a sense that the best way to address these challenges and others that the UK IT and computer services industries face is to create alliances with suppliers, customers, and other similar businesses. Share information, ideas, and resources group together to get better deals from suppliers and provide a mechanism to promote trust.

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lower costs, raise service levels, gain customers, increase profits




If you have any questions or queries, or would like us to offer discounts to a specific supplier or service send an email here.

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We have negotiated exclusive discounts for members  from hardware vendors, service providers, car leasing companies and others. Reduce your costs while maintaining service quality.

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You are now able  to buy verified leads from our website network and those offered for sale by other members. Easily quickly and cheaply manage demand and resources. 


You are no longer alone. Forums are open to all members when you want to ask a question or join the discussion. Free events offer valuable networking opportunities.