Stephen Richards of Computer Technical Solutions

Regional Rep for Wales

Stephen says:

Having grown up in holiday seasonal North Wales and unable to find a circus to join, at age 16 ½ I joined the Royal Air Force working on RADAR equipment. At school one of the few things I had been good at was IT related subjects, so digital electronics seemed interesting to me.

Thirteen years later I found myself in a position as a programmer and then part of the System Management team on a £3.9 million VAX VMS network.

On leaving the RAF I gained management experience with a charity in Leicester and a few years later became a Test Engineer with a software company who were bought out by TrafficMaster PLC. 5 Years with TrafficMaster looking after hundreds of servers, around 300 users and remote sites in Germany and Italy was great remote management experience.

For the last 8 years I have been running my own IT Support Company “Computer Technical Solutions”. We provide solutions for our end users as well as support. Managed Services contracts with Printers, Letting Agents, Town Councils and Consultants drive the business forward.

At CTS pride ourselves on over-delivering to our clients, our knowledge in the Managed Services and Cloud arena coupled with Data Recovery skills keep us busy, but, to make sure we don’t get bored we also have a thriving Website Design & Hosting side to the business.

Having spent most of my adult career improving my qualifications (over a dozen programming courses in my last 5 years in the RAF for example), I give what time I can as a STEMnet Ambassador encouraging school children to take Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects. It’s fun and a great way to give back to the local area.