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Stephen Rhodes
PO Box 7725
RG20 5WF
Telphone: 08456 582700

Services Offered

Business IT Support (Contract)


A full range of IT services to compliment your current IT support solution, ranging from single projects to a competitive alternative to in-house expenditure. Imagine will make a difference to you by recognising you are unique and by offering a business partnership backed up by state of the art skills. In an age when technology continues to advance at an astonishing pace there comes a time when you must question whether you can fully support your IT systems internally. Management often now use a selective approach to providing IT resources, sourcing resources from the most appropriate and economic place for the task. Often using external resources is more appropriate than building an internal all encompassing team. Thus you may need to look outside your own domain for assistance in finding, implementing and supporting your systems, and Imagine is the natural choice for your IT support. You will be trusting your business systems to Imagine and therefore have to be totally convinced of our ability, efficiency and trustworthiness. Imagine understand that each business has its own unique situations, unique problems and consequently, require unique solutions. Imagine view business relationships as being long term and therefore we have a vested interest in the future success of our ‘partners’. You will require immediate access to a skill set and infrastructure that covers the complete spectrum of IT. During this long term relationship, it is essential that your systems continue to develop. To maintain our ability to support this evolution Imagine are committed to the continuous improvement of our own people. In order to design and deliver this unique solution, Imagine have discarded the traditional ‘Client/Supplier’ relationship and encourage a more positive and proactive ‘Business Partnership’ - h ence making business change and problem solving much simpler. This type of relationship also encourages a culture of ‘collective responsibility’ - working together to resolve problems. In short, any relationship with Imagine would naturally become a partnership almost by definition. Talk to our clients about the incredibly reliable and robust systems we have built and maintain for them; we are proud of our achievements! "Imagine came to us at a critical time when things were at a pretty low ebb. They have made a significant contribution to improvements in all aspects of ICT and user satisfaction is higher than it has ever been. More importantly Imagine and their people have taken the time and effort to get to know us, engage with our values and work with us in true partnership towards the delivery of our organisational goals. They have stayed with us even when the going was less than comfortable for all concerned and many others would have just looked at the bottom line and cash flow. Imagine IT does what it says on the tin."