Flash Drive IT

Contact Details

Peter White
68 Hilders Road
Telphone: 07383 997 172

Services Offered

  • Business IT Support (Contract)
  • Business IT Support (Pay as You Go)
  • Business Security
  • Computer Repair - Onsite
  • Computer Repair - Workshop
  • Data Recovery
  • Cloud Services
  • Home User IT Support
  • Laptop Repair Specialist
  • Printer Repair


We are a Leicester based business offering a comprehensive all-encompassing array of IT and Web services to proactively/reactively support private individuals and company’s ICT infrastructure at their critical hub. We are aware of the challenge’s faced by SME’s in their evolutionary cycle of improving productivity whilst working within budgeting constraints. Unlike many IT suppliers we don’t financially proxy ‘partner’ or act as 'reseller' for any other supplier company and we don’t put our own profits first. We listen to our customers and implement the most suitable solution based on our customers’ needs and not our own. It is often far more cost effective to outsource ad-hoc or on a regular contracted basis rather than commit to employee specialist(s). It is not effective use of a Finance Managers time to be concerned with IT issues - why not delegate ? We work both on and offsite / remotely. We work with Windows XP - 10 Pro including server editions. We provide services including IT troubleshooting, virus removal, data recovery, firewall configuration, antivirus software, system implementation, networks, cloud services, back ups, website content management, website server management, DNS and website migration. We also provide IT and Web consultation advice services. We specialise in providing contracted IT management agreements to companies. We will walk alongside you - listening to and understanding your requirements within a continuous improvement methodology and positive feedback loop.